Aroma from Kibbutz near Gaza

“Here is the power plant that supplies the Gaza with 75% of it’s power. We can cut it off very easily….we do not because we are humanitarians.”  -Aroma

Aroma lives on a Kibbutz that looks into Gaza. The power plant that supplies Gaza is fueled by Israel and could be shut off at any time. She explains that people do not understand how much Israel is doing to help Gaza — in spite of the bombs fired at them. Last year, a tunnel was discovered right in the center of her Kibbutz, built by Palestinians for the purpose of kidnapping Israelis. Current IDF policy is 1,000 Palestinian soldiers for every kidnapped Israeli. This policy is a reflection of the army’s value of their soldiers but also they are a motivation for Gaza kidnappings.

IMG_5154 IMG_5186

This wall is right outside the entrance to the Gaza strip. It says “pathway to peace,” in Hebrew and it is designed by an artistic woman that hoped to spread a message of hope that rests between the borders.

Here are some pictures of bombs recovered and stored at local police stations by Gaza

IMG_5188 IMG_5192 IMG_5193

Stay informed, remain optimistic, listen more than you speak, love people along the way. 

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