Gili. Tel Aviv

“I believe empathy is the Golden Rule. Peace will only be found at the gates of global empathy.” — Gili 

Cinematographer, business man, and proud Israeli believes that peace between Palestine and Israel will only be found if Israel negotiates directly with Hamas…not the PA. He is supportive of a two state solution but believes that there is little hope for a peaceful outcome from this conflict.

He’s greatest message is that of empathy — he thinks bigger than this conflict and believes that the end of war is at the understanding and beginning of empathy. We only empathize with what we see eye to eye and Gili believes that once we can discover how to empathize with groups, countries and masses of people without direct eye contact, our governments will naturally lean toward the path of peace.

Beautiful message from an inspiring new friend.

Stay informed, remain optimistic, listen more than you speak, love people along the way. 

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