Admir. Father from “Palestine”

They Have made Us Terrorists


Said Admir, Palestinian, father of seven and living in a 2,000 person refugee camp outside the Gaza strip.

This is not a political statement, just to give Admir a chance to share his story.

We were removed from our homes, relocated into refugee camps, and live off of food from the UN. I feel like animals in a zoo. I have seven kids and work as hard as I can to send them to college. I barely can pay for one of them. Our children don’t only play in streets, they live in streets. -Admir

The separation wall between occupied Palestine territory and Israel is ten feet thick concrete in some places and a simple fence in others. Admir works as a salesmen for homemade Israeli collectables and has made enough to pay for one of his children to go to college.

I don’t mind Jews, nor their religion, I mind having my life taken from me. My parents were moved to refugee camps in Palestine and I grew up with very little hope of a future. Hamas was elected fairly, 80% of us wanted him…. why? Because he came from us, fights for us, and gives us hope. If we had the elections all over again, he would win again.-Admir

I learned two things from Admir’s story.

1. There are two sides to the conflict.

We are quick to listen to what media wants us to know which is often manipulated in a certain fashion and there is always more to the story — the more lies with the people. Ask them, talk to strangers, find out what is true.

2. The war is very real.

Bomb drills went off throughout Israel today to test the preparedness of the people. Gaza asked to be exempt from the drills because the sirens last summer are far too real and will terrify families if they go off in simulation. Admir’s support for Hamas was particularily worrisome because in the face of disaster, the people will cling to whatever gives them hope. Hamas is dangerous not only to Israel and the Western world, but also to the Palestinian people.

Stay informed, remain optimistic, listen more than you speak, love people along the way. 

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