Miss Pat from Prescott

Found myself in Prescott Valley, AZ, at Kohl’s, shoeless. I had forgotten my shoes so I went in Kohl’s and left a little more inspired, with a new friend and a new pair of shoes.


Pat moved to Prescott Valley when her husband got very sick and she retired to take care of him. When she found herself with some spare time, Pat decided to get a part time job at Kohl’s on top of her competitive billiards hobby. When you walk in Kohl’s, she’s the first person you see — bright smile, bright hair, ready to tell you stories and manage to make your day.

I wish that people were more friendly, peaceful, caring, less “me… me… me..” and  “I… I…. I….” When I was younger I didn’t care at all, I didn’t notice anything, now that I’m older I see how crucial and beautiful random acts of kindness are. Just one little thing here and there matters. Showing that we are people who care. When I’m here, I’m here. I put on my wig & make friends all day, I’m Miss Pat.

Miss Pat reminded me that you are who you choose to be, wherever you are — always. She puts on her wig, tells stories, and impacts the whole town. She’s been in the paper multiple times, won a few pool championships and is a crazy cool example of choosing joy and living life to the fullest.

Stay informed, remain optimistic, listen more than you speak, love people along the way. 

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