full room & full ❤’s in Viktoria’s yoga class

if you only have a min to read — spend your time on her quotes. this is a wise lady 😉

There’s some people you meet and right away know they have a important story to share. This is Viktoria. She’s teaches yoga all over San Diego and has a heart for inspiring community, encouraging deep thinking and breaking free of the fears that keep us from dreaming.


Viktoria’s from Melborn, has 3 sweet girls and a huge heart for people. When she moved here she told her little girls, “we’re getting a 3 month visa and going on an adventure.” Thinking she’d come back, San Diego became home and yoga became her calling.


Yoga is Vik’s calling and tool to inspire, unify & encourage people. She begins each class with a sincere challenge for you to meditate on during your practice. She asks us to think of someone we’re grateful for, bless angels in our lives, or forgive people who wrong us. On top of that it’s a killer workout and you leave the class dripping in sweat and ignited with inspiration.

“Sometimes in the middle of the night an idea comes to me…I follow the 1 to 10 principal. If 1 person loves it, then 10 love it. If 1 person hates it, then 10 hate it…”

Her last class was about knowing what you believe in. Vik’s openness inspires us to respond in kind. She believes in angels and that her passed mom is a little bird that visits the feeder outside her house.

“The more you know what you believe in, the more you know who you are. Believe… in yourself, in others. The moment you stop, you die.”

❤ heart ❤

Her heart beats for community. Vik asks us at the end of class to get off our matts and make 5 new friends. Beyond being a way to meet hot yogis, Vik inspires us to get off our personal matts and enter someone else’s world.

“3rd world countries understand that they need each other. They all work together, operate in community and step into each other’s lives. We’ve built walls around ourselves pretending we don’t need each other…but we really do.”

Vik embodies someone who’s not afraid of life, her dreams or other people. We spend so much time in fear and I love the way she treats the game of life with a simple mission — love each other.

“We get stuck in fear…what if i just work in a coffee shop…what if i fail? if failure wasn’t an option what would you be doing? And ACTUALLY failure doesn’t exist so why the hell aren’t you doing what makes you come alive? I’ve always had a quest to get to know people, their lives, their story… Everyone has a story and the right questions help us to see each other. Not where are you from but what are your dreams?”

Vik sets an awesome example of unconventional. She began teaching a few years ago fueled by childlike wonder and energy. It’s no surprise she’s one of the top yogi’s in California and has rad dreams for the future.

“Go against the grain. what people say I can’t do or shouldn’t do, I do. I can. what is impossible is what I aim for. It’s just not worth it if you don’t aim high. There’s a reason people say you die at 35 but you’re just not buried until your 75.”


This isn’t about yoga (though Vik would disagree), this is about Viktoria. She is kind to the core, has a heart full of dreams and seeks to better the lives of those around her. She tacks up her wisdom to years of experience, but I believe it’s more than that. She’s chosen to live a life of inspiration and believes we can do the same.

I’m sure you’ve noticed she has killer one-liners, but this is my favorite. “The more you listen to intuition, the stronger it gets…the more you ignore it, the deeper it fades.”

p.s find her at core power & fit athletic

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