“Sometimes it takes 9 people”

Esperanza wholeheartedly embodies her name. She’s lived homeless for a year,  lost her husband to cancer, lost her eyes to age and preaches an impossible joy. She’s nearly completely blind, determined to be a counselor, enrolled full time at university and following a deep call.

“God motivates me. When I get up I say here we go. I just know he has the whole day planned and I believe it with all I am. He really takes care of me. Wherever I go, there’s always someone when I need them.”

Esperanza is on a unstoppable mission. Resilience doesn’t even begin to describe her.

She reminded me to…



“I’ve come to learn that bitterness only hurts me. When I don’t forgive, it’s me that hurts the most. Why do we do that to ourselves?”



“Sometimes it takes me 3 hours and 9 people to get to class on time. But I never miss and I will make the deans list.”

I met her at a Dale Carnegie workshop because she loves the tapes and was determined to learn everything there was about him. Even if that meant taking a bus 45 miles alone at night to get to a program filled with strangers.


She will always try what’s new at a restaurant, touch everything at the table to she can experience sight through her hands and smile when she feels like someone is walking past her.


Even in the shelter he bought me flowers. He always brought me flowers. When we got a REAL NEW home away from the shelter we bought so many groceries we couldn’t even carry them!! I will miss him every day of my life but I know why I’m still here.”



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